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1. Lisia Caserto
2. Larry Honigbaum
3. Junito Cubero
4. Anita Ocasio
5. Brendan Wilbur
6. Everett Boutillet
7. Joe Welch
8. Scott McIlvennie
9. Lenore Olmstead
10. Casey Martinson
11. Bill Myers
12. Greg Lee
13. Joe Catlin
14. Mary Ziegler
15. Miroslav Knezevic
16. Michelle Matro
17. Betty Henderson
18. Leni Hochman
19. Eric Levine
20. Deirdre Silverman
21. Joe Cummins
22. Tolkyn Aidarova
23. Janet Mara
24. Melissa Pollack
25. Lynn Lauper
26. Joanna Coopersmith
27. Bob Anderson Jr.
28. Carrie Cohen
29. Leslie Ackerman
30. Carol Chernikoff
31. Giuliana Taylor
32. Karl Graham
33. Renee Martinez
34. Rebekah Scott
35. Kat Hauger
36. Reiley Schoen

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Becki Hawley

I have had the pleasure of enjoying Alternatives from two perspectives but I couldn't have had one without the other.

When I knew I was moving from southwestern VA to Ithaca, NY, I knew I wanted to work at Alternatives. My partner at the time said it would be the perfect job for me. I read a little online about the mission. I didn't really understand all of it, but it sounded positive and ethical. I had worked in banking for a few years and as a community-minded individual, I thought this could be a good fit. more»

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