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1. RuthAnn Noe: Consumer Loan Officer
2. Joe Welch: Chief Financial Officer
3. Joe Catlin: Member Service Representative
4. Patrick Woods: Director- Business Services
5. Ron Campbell: Data Processor
6. Kat Hauger: MSR (Member Service Representative)
7. Michael Culotta: Business Loan Officer
8. Larry Honigbaum: Computer Specialist
9. Greg Lee: Assistant Member Service Manager
10. Brendan Wilbur: MSR
11. Justin Lee: MSR
12. Ellie Hall Minnis: Marketing Director
13. Carias T. Chokuda: Credit Analyst
14. Duke Bush: Member Service Specialist
15. Jaquelyn Bell: MSR
16. Camila Fontanez: Consumer Loan Clerk/Member Service Specialist
17. Pat Van Dusen: Mortgage Loan Assistant
18. Joe Cummins: Community Development Educator
19.Anita Ocasio: Member Service Representative/Collections
20. Miroslav Knezevic: VISA Specialist
21. Eric Levine: Lawyer
22. Deirdre Silverman: Director of Development/ Venture Fund Manager
23. Christina Cain: IDA Coordinator
24. Meredith Smith-Converse: Director of Mortgage Lending
25. Melissa Pollack: Member Service Manager
26. Amy Capalongo: Consumer Loan Officer
27. Betty Henderson: Mortgage Loan Officer
28 .Katie DeLap: VITA VISTA
29. Bill Stowell: HR Director
30. Carol Chernikoff: Chief Lending Officer
31. Bill Myers: Chief Executive Officer
32. Leni Hochman: Chief Operations Officer
33. Karl Graham: Senior Accountant
34. Fidela Sindihebura: Senior Accountant
35. Diane Russell: VITA Assistant
36. Leslie Ackerman: Small Business Educator
37. Shawnae Milton: Front Desk
38. Pempa Dongtoe: MSR
39. Mary Ziegler: Risk Manager
40. Diane Goodman: Director Business CENTS
41. Amy Audetat: Credit Counselor/VITA Site Coordinator
42. Hilary Mughloo: Member Service Specialist

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Hillary Albrecht, Smart Start Preschool

When I decided to open a new preschool in Trumansburg, the Business CENTS program at Alternatives was suggested by many. With the outstanding support and guidance from the Business CENTS staff, I was able to write my first business plan and secure a business loan. My preschool is now open for business, and I am confident I will be off to a successful start! The Business CENTS program has been invaluable, and I would recommend their services and banking to all. Thank you Alternatives!

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