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The Missing Link

Do you want to attract more wealth?

Becki Hawley of Making Money Sacred is passionate about helping creative women entrepreneurs learn that money does not have to be the barrier that keeps them from doing what lights them up. By mentoring women to empower themselves financially, these same women can share their insights, creativity and add value to their communities and our world.

Mainstream money management gurus will tell you that to achieve financial freedom and security that you must create goals, track your expenses and income, create a budget, and cultivate a good credit score. What many of them neglect to address is your relationship with money. Yes, you have one, and it’s emotional. In fact, most of your money decisions are determined by emotions, not logic.

Decisions based on emotions show up in your life as vague goals, inconsistent or nonexistent tracking, unrealistic or no budget, and lack of thought about your credit score.

In The Missing Link, Becki will provide insight into how to:
  • Identify sources of damaging patterns that cause stress and create a struggle in your relationship with money
  • Obtain strategies to release old patterns and start new ones that help you attract money and manage it in a way that achieves your goals.
  • Breakthrough self-limiting beliefs that hold you back in your money story.
  • Learn the secret to overcoming the most common obstacle that keeps you from meeting your money goals.
Join us, to take the first step towards a positive shift in the way you think, believe, and act with your money. Space is limited to register now for The Missing Link.

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The Credit Path

As Alternatives Credit Union has grown and changed, our use of the Credit Path model of financial empowerment has changed as well. Originally developed by Bill Myers as a way of understanding our members' financial situations and incorporating that into our business planning, the Credit Path describes where people are situated at various points along a continuum between poverty and self-sufficiency. Our job, as a community development financial institution, is to help our members move along that continuum by empowering them to make decisions, and offering opportunities, that will move them towards financial self-sufficiency. more»

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