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Online & Phone Access: How to Register

How to Register for Online Access

1. Go to www.alternatives.org, and under the Online Access header on the upper right corner, click on “register.”

2. You will need your account number, the primary account holder’s last four digits of his/her Social Security Number, and the primary account holder’s birthdate.

Business Accounts: you will need the last four digits of the EIN number, and this birthdate: 01/01/1901.

3. Type “YES” to accept our terms and to advance to the next screen.

4. You will see your account number and name at the top of the page.  From there, please set up a username and password.  The site gives you rules for each field. For passwords, follow these criteria:

• is case sensitive

• must not be the same as your account number or username

• must be between 7 and 20 characters long

• must contain only letters, numbers and these special characters: !"#$%&()+,-/;<=>?[\]^_`{|}*'

Then confirm your e-mail address.

5. The next page asks you to set up three separate security questions.

6. The following page asks you to select a unique security phrase and picture. You can click on “next” or “random” to find more images.

7. Online Access will take a few minutes to fully set up your account.

BillPay is now FREE and accessible by logging in to Online Access.

How to Use Phone Access

If you used our previous phone banking system, Fortune Teller, and know your PIN number, you can easily access your account with the same PIN number.

If you never used Fortune Teller, or forgot your PIN number, you will need to contact Member Service to have them reset your account. After it’s reset, you can select a new PIN number after dialing into Phone Access.  If you’d like, you can also give the PIN number to Member Service and they’ll enter it for you.

1. Dial (607) 330-3013, or dial our main number (273-4611) and press 1 for Phone Access. 

2. You can either choose “speech recognition” or “touch tone” to proceed.

3. Listen to the prompts available and select what you’d like to access.

4. Our account suffixes have changed from letters to numbers. Phone Access will ask you to select an account type. If you have more than one of the same account types (e.g. two savings accounts) you can request a list to hear the ID and current balance. You can also find your new share IDs in Online Access and on your monthly statement.

Locked Out?

As a safety precaution, if you enter the wrong PIN number incorrectly five times in a row, Phone Access will freeze your account. Please call Member Service to unblock your account.

Access to your account history before December 2012 will be available to you through your past paper statements and/or eStatements. For the forseeable future, we will continue to provide you with access to your old eStatements. Links will be provided within Online Access and you will then access the eStatements area using your existing CU@Home login credentials.

To avoid losing access to this history, we strongly suggest that you login to Online Services now and download PDFs of past statements to your own computer. Statements go back as far as 2005. Please Note: 2005 estatements are in HTML format, and cannot be downloaded. They must be printed using the print function in your browser.

How to download eStatements from your computer:
We are working on a way to allow for bulk downloading of past eStatements, which we expect to be available by December 1 or shortly thereafter. 

To download them individually: Log in to Online Services, and click on eStatements. When viewing the statement in your browser, the .pdf viewer that you use (Adobe Reader, for example) will give you the option of saving (downloading) the file that you are viewing.  Exactly how you do this can vary depending upon the .pdf viewer that you are using. Typically, you will either hover over the file, and a graphic will appear with icons representing several options (print, zoom, rotate, save, etc.)  Or, there will be a menu toolbar within your browser window with these options.  Please check instructions for your particular .pdf reader for specific instructions.  You would need to download each statement file individually. 

How to download your eStatement data to Quicken:
Log in to CU@Home, and click on the History tab.  Choose the account(s) you want to download from the drop-down menus, and then click on the link "download history."  Select the data range desired and then select the type of file to export to in the drop-down box. You may not download more than three months at a time.

ID Scanning
For your continued protection, please be aware that we may ask you for your ID so that we may rescan it into our new system.



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